Living Within What God Provides

Living Within What God Provides

  One day, about a year ago, I was texting one of my Titus 2 friends. Probably lamenting about my lack of income and our looming, seemingly uncertain future. You know how it goes. "I don't know how we'll survive?! Where we'll live!?" Our rental contract was coming to an end (for the house in … [Continue reading]

Teaching Our Kids That Sin Hurts

Teaching Our Kids That Sin Hurts

  Oh how I wish I could go back in time about 21 years, to the days before I had children, and teach myself a few things about sin. I didn't grow up in a God-fearing home. We were more... occasional (Agnostic) Chreasters - you know, the people who only attend church on Christmas and Easter - … [Continue reading]

No Really, Bloom Where You Are Planned

No Really Bloom Where You Are Planted

  I've been told that I have a green thumb. But it's not a name I call myself. I just enjoy real, live plants. And beautiful flowers and … [Continue reading]

Top Usborne Books (& More) for Homeschooling

Top Usborne Books for Homeschooling

  If you've been around the homeschool community for a while, then you've heard of Usborne Books (and More -- which now includes Kane Miller … [Continue reading]

Biblical Homeschooling Alone

Biblical Homeschooling Alone

  We started homeschooling out of necessity, instead of pure Biblical conviction. But it didn't take long for God to help me realize that this … [Continue reading]

Roadmap Genesis Movie Review


  Question on the street... "What comes to mind when you hear Genesis?" "Uh... I don't know." "Second book of the Bible?" "It's … [Continue reading]

Why I Don’t Want My Girls Marrying a “Christian”

Why I Don't Want My Girls Marrying a Christian

  {I don't want my son to be a "Christian" either. But that's why I am "man training" him to be a godly man. My job is to train him in the … [Continue reading]

Helping a Child with Anxiety

Helping a Child with Anxiety

  Having a child who suffers from anxiety and/or panic attacks can be confusing. Aspects of these traits in children can be misunderstood for … [Continue reading]

Homeschooling Through Trials

Homeschooling Through Trials

  Even the strongest of Christians are faced with some really, really tough times. Most times there are no easy routes around the agony or … [Continue reading]

What Kids Should Know Before Leaving Home

What Kids Should Know Before Leaving Home

  One of the best things about homeschooling is the daily quantity time that we get with our children. Time to prepare them for more than just … [Continue reading]

I Will Walk Alone

I will walk alone

  Throughout this last two years, I've felt God really close to me. I think that is what's most comforting about walking in the valley... God … [Continue reading]

My ONE WORD for 2015

My One Word for 2015

  I've never been one to set any new year's resolutions. Why bother? I'm just going to give up on January 2nd anyways, right? The recovering … [Continue reading]

What Doesn’t Kill You… Didn’t Make Me Stronger

What Doesn't Kill You...

  Have you seen this phrase around the internet... "Dear what doesn't kill me... I'm strong enough... thank you!"? I know I have. And I laugh … [Continue reading]

New Words In 2015

New Words in 2015

  I am not sure where I am going… but I do know Whom I will be walking with. I hope and pray that I am finally ready for this task that I … [Continue reading]

Teaching Compassion and Generosity

Teaching Compassion and Generosity

  I was recently recalling things my family and I had done for Christmases in years past. When you are healing from a divorce, you realize a … [Continue reading]

Best Black Friday Educational Deals


  I LOVE to save money! I love it so much that I often wait until this time of year to buy most things for our home and homeschool. I will … [Continue reading]